Dear all,

As you can see, our website has undergone a considerable make-over this week. I'm sure that you will find the site more attractive and colourful than before, but the changes we have made are not purely cosmetic. There are some new features which I hope you will find useful, such as the capability to review products and to read reviews by others. I'm sure that this will be helpful to string players who are unsure about which strings to purchase, particularly beginners, and maybe for players who are keen to try something new. Another innovation is the 'additional information' tab underneath each product, which contains such properties as the product's core material, winding material and manufacturer's code. Furthermore, this section also lists the colours of each string at the peg end, tailpiece end and peg ring. You'll also be able to add your own tags to any product, compare two different items by using the 'add to compare' feature, and email products to friends with one click of your mouse. Any feedback about the new site would be gladly welcomed and don't forget to vote in our question of the month!